Sunday, May 27, 2007

Adrenaline (Epinephrine) a reply to Terrell

Adrenaline or Epinephrine is a powerful hormone produced by the adrenal gland on the kidney. Apart from it's cardiac arrest use, it is also a valuable tool to combat the true onset of anaphylaxsis - Hypotension (decreased blood pressure) Oedema (gross swelling of tissue from fluid transfer from blood vessels, leading to obstructed airway due to swelling).
It's common adverse effects, not contraindications, are
Tachycardia - useful when needing to run away!
Pupils Dilate - useful to see things when running away!
Hypertension - Increased BP useful to manage increased muscle demand when running away!
Vomiting and Nausea - it does make you lighter and therefore easier to run away!
Anxiety and possible irregular heart rhythms.
That's what an adrenaline high or rush is, a primitive mechanism to protect ourselves by running away from a threat!
But, depending on the protocol being followed, how much was being administered and how bad your symptoms you don't have to feel the bloody great RUSH it would give us normally.
I've only had one patient with true anaphylaxsis, a young 19y/o female on a first date with a new boyfriend. He told us that she had taken a mouthful of food and he just sat there and watched her face swell and turn red, luckly we were in the area and on scene within 2 minutes and got two shots of adrenaline into her while transporting straight to hospital, a good save. I never did find out if he was going to ask her out again?????
Taz the Ambo.

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  1. LOL I am ashamed to say I just got back here to check the blog. But I am ROFLMBO. I have always been able to just relax and go to sleep on epinephrine. I use Primatene Mist for my asthma and boom I relax, it's weird lol. Thanks for the facts and the funny story. I bet he did ask her out on another date -- probably wanted to see what neat trick she would do next LMBO!


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